CURRENT CORONA VIRUS ENVIRONMENT                                               3rd August 2020




Dear trading partner / customer –

Barcode Print wish to assure all trading partners and valued customers of our plans to ensure continuing supply of hardware, consumables and services during these times of faltering uncertainty.  Responsible personal distancing policy with both visited and visiting suppliers and customers, along with rigid personal hygiene efforts, bolster maintenance of staff health.

Ongoing commercial shipping of finished goods throughout Australia appears to be certain, buttressed by Barcode Print’s alternative personal (hygienically secure) delivery within Melbourne metropolitan area as required.

Barcode Print’s core policy since inception has been one of multiple trade suppliers for each pillar of our operations:

Toshiba Australia Pty Limited have given written, comprehensive assurance of supply into ‘these challenging times’. Click Here to read the notice.

Toshiba Australia Pty Limited have given written, comprehensive assurance of supply into the future.  Alternative suppliers have also indicated surety of supply.

Current services will be maintained by Barcode Print operating with guided safety while on-site, and remote computing utilising Team Viewer where applicable.  Alternative support staff available wherever required.

Barcode Print’s label consumables policy is enhanced by four distinct trade suppliers, ensuring continuing uninterrupted supply as demand unfolds.

Barcode Print’s bureau will continue to produce labels and tags as required.

This viral battlefield is in an evolving state of constant flux leading into Australia’s winter period.  Barcode Print will endeavour to keep our trading partners and customers appraised of our anti-Covid-19 strategies as it unfolds, working with a positive attitude to outlast this unwelcome situation.


Stay safe.                             Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Gail Elder

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