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AT20 Series Hand Held Scanners

$192.39$579.59 Inc. GST

With the inclusion of Advanced Scan Plus, an evolutionary advancement in scanning technology, the AT20 Series has achieved twice the scanning speed of earlier models, bringing improvements to work efficiency when performing inspections and other continuous barcode-scanning tasks.

The AT20 Series enables super-deep-field scanning compatible with a variety of tasks, from close-up scanning to distant scanning, making it possible to perform smooth scanning regardless of the scanner’s position.

Denso BHT-1300 Series

$1,553.64$1,691.58 Inc. GST

DENSO BHT-1300 Series Handy Terminal

Ultimate usability realised in these models. 2D Area Imager scanning. Options for Windows Compact Edition 7 and Denso BHT-OS. Round-the-clock use of the model, which is compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. An Amazing 360° reading capability. Robust durability ensures accurate use in tough work environments. Use is retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing field. It can be held comfortablly, and its aesthetics enable it to fit in anywhere with style.