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AS1(F), P7, P8 & P15 For Flat Head Printers

Full Resin ribbons chemically bond to synthetic labels, making this ribbon type the first port of call for long lasting labels particularly in chemical, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical or clothing industries. Flat Head full resin ribbon is suited to most synthetic materials such as PVC, PET, PP and various matte and gloss coated papers, and is the preferred choice for printed images that are exposed to harsh environments. Our full resin ribbons are UL recognised and BS5609 approved when used in association with the correct substrates. It has a heat resistance of up to 180°C(356°F) and, as with all our Toshiba ribbon products, it offers the very best in printhead protection.

For Printer: B-852, B-FV4T, B-SA4T, B-EV4T, B-EX4T2, B-EX6T3

AS1, P7 & P15 For Near Edge Printers

Our Full Resin is a new generation resin ribbon developed for applications requiring excellent mechanical and solvent resistance. It is the recommended product for use in harsh environment label printing for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our Full Resin Ribbons are compatible with most synthetic materials, and some matte and high gloss coated papers. The print will withstand temperatures of up to 180°C(356°F) and has a blackness of 1.8 (ODR). It is UL recognised and has BGA approval (EU direct food contact). Full Resin ribbons offer the very best in printhead protection, as with all Toshiba ribbon products.

For Printer: B-EX4T1, B-SX4T, B-SX5T, B-EX6T1, B-SX8T, CB-416

Key Features & Benefits

  • Excellent print quality
  • Multi receptor compatibility and sensitivity
  • Good resistance to high temperatures
  • Available in colours
  • Outstanding scratch and solvent resistance

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Weight .2 kg
Sizing and Brands

110mm x 100M AS1F, 55mm x 100M AS1F, 110mm x 100M P8, 55mm x 100M P8, 60mm x 270M AS1F, 110mm x 300M P15, 60mm x 300M P15, 80mm x 300M P15, 110mm x 300M P8, 60mm x 300M P8, 80mm x 300M P8, 110mm x 400M AS1F (For SA4T), 112mm x 600M AS1, 68mm x 600M AS1, 110mm x 600M P7, 110mm x 800M P7, 130mm x 600M P7, 60mm x 600M P7, 80mm x 600M P7, 90mm x 800M P7, 110mm x 600M AS1F, 110mm x 600M P8, 160mm x 600M AS1, 160mm x 600M P7, 220mm x 300M AS1F (For B852), 160mm x 300M P7 (For B852), 220mm x 300M P7 (For B852), 160mm x 300M P8 (For B852), 220mm x 300M P8 (For B852), 160mm x 300M AS1 (For SX8T), 224mm x 300M AS1 (For SX8T), 160mm x 300M P7 (For SX8T), 220mm x 300M P7 (For SX8T)