Toshiba B-EP Series Portable Printers

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Ideal for most portable applications, the EP Series mobile printers are compact and light yet rugged enough to meet the needs of today’s demanding applications. Receipts or labels can be dropped in with one hand, and it’s large capacity means changing media less frequently, with no cores required on the rolls, so minimal waste. Perfect for barcode labelling in the warehouse, labelling on the shop floor, printing prescriptions on hospital wards or issuing tickets on the move.



Toshiba B-EP Series Portable Printers

Our best thermal printing innovations, wherever you are, right at your fingertips. Compact and stylish, the cool black EP range of 2 and 4 inch portable thermal printers is the ultimate in wireless functionality and reliability on the move.

  • Portable Direct Thermal printer
  • 203dpi resolution
  • Maximum  52mm (EP2D) & 108mm (EP4D) print width
  • High speed printing, 4ips (maximum 105mm/sec)
  • Flash memory: 8MB
  • DRAM: 16MB
  • Drop rating: 1.5m
  • Battery life: 50m during 8-hour operation
  • 3 variants available: (IrDA, USB & RS232C), (IrDA, USB & Bluetooth), (IrDA, USB & wireless LAN)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 44 × 28 × 27 cm
B-EP Series

B-EP2D w/ USB + IrDA + RS232C, B-EP2D w/ USB + IrDA + Bluetooth, B-EP2D w/ USB + IrDA + wireless LAN (WLAN), B-EP4D w/ USB + IrDA + RS232C, B-EP4D w/ USB + IrDA + Bluetooth, B-EP4D w/ USB + IrDA + wireless LAN (WLAN)


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