Wax Resin Ribbon (Flat Head Machine)

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The market standard, wax resin is the most popular blend that accommodates both paper labels and some synthetics for requirements across multiple industries.

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Wax/Resin – AG3, P1 & P3 For Flat Head Printers

Toshiba’s Flat Head wax/resin quality developed to complement the new generation of flat-head printers. An extremely versatile product, it offers excellent print performance on a wide range of receiving materials.

It has high sensitivity and therefore runs at lower temperatures and higher speeds, with improved blackness of 2.1 (ODR) and heat resistance up to 100ºC (212ºF). The enhancement of this premium wax resin product makes it the perfect choice for the flexible packaging industry and, as with all Toshiba ribbon products. Toshiba’s Flat Head Wax/Resin superior back coating offers the very best in printhead protection.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Excellent multi-receptor compatibility
  • High sensitivity, run at low energy
  • High speed capability
  • Improved blackness – crisp, black printed images
  • Low noise

For Printer: B-852, B-SV4T, B-SA4T, B-EV4T, B-FV4T, B-EX4T2, B-EX6T3

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Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Wax/Resin Ribbon

55mm x 100M AG3, 110mm x 100M AG3, 110mm x 100M P1, 55mm x 100M P1, 110mm x 100M P3, 55mm x 100M P3, 110mm x 270M AG3, 60mm x 270M AG3, 60mm x 300M P1, 80mm x 300M P1, 110mm x 300M P1, 55mm x 300M P3, 60mm x 300M P3, 80mm x 300M P3, 110mm x 300M P3, 60mm x 400M (For SA4T) AG3, 90mm x 400M (For SA4T) AG3, 110mm x 400M (For SA4T) AG3, 60mm x 300M (For SA4T) P1, 90mm x 300M (For SA4T) P1, 110mm x 300M (For SA4T) P1, 60mm x 300M (For SA4T) P3, 90mm x 300M (For SA4T) P3, 110mm x 300M (For SA4T) P3, 60mm x 600M AG3, 90mm x 600M AG3, 110mm x 600M AG3, 60mm x 600M P1, 90mm x 600M P1, 110mm x 600M P1, 90mm x 600M P3, 110mm x 600M P3, 160mm x 600M AG3, 160mm x 600M P1, 160mm x 300M (For B852) AG3, 220mm x 300M (For B852) AG3, 160mm x 300M (For B852) P1, 220mm x 300M (For B852) P1, 160mm x 300M (For B852) P3, 220mm x 300M (For B852) P3


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