Keep your business productive, efficient, and moving at best-in-class speed with Toshiba Barcode Label Printers.

Toshiba Barcode Label Printers start from entry level desktop printers to high performance industrial, all are easy to use. And with long lasting print heads, they are low maintenance with a low total cost of operation. Each one is designed for scalability and flexibility, so you can find the right fit for any of your business needs.

Toshiba have a great buyers guide to help you find the right label printer for your industry. Click Here to find out more. As a Platinum Partner for Toshiba and also one of Toshiba’s longest dealers, Barcode Print have a vast knowledge to help you find the Toshiba Barcode Label Printer. Contact Us Today.

B-FV Desktop Range

B-FV4D or B-FV4T

For fast, on-demand labelling and ticketing directly on your
desktop, look no further – our compact and efficient desktop
printers produce professional labels quickly and easily at the
touch of a button.

BV400D Series

BV410D, BV420D & BV420D-GL

Toshiba’s most advanced desktop printer consists of three different models, all with a small footprint, intelligent design which brings simplicity and efficiency raising the user experience to the next level. 

B-EX4 4" Industrial Range

B-EX4D2, B-EX4T2 & B-EX4T1

Combining the features and functionality of the established B-EX range, with options for either thermal direct, thermal transfer, near edge, flat head, left edge aligned media, center print and an 800m ribbon; the longest ribbon in the marketplace. This means fewer media changes and a lower cost of ownership. The range is ideally suited to ‘no-nonsense’ replacement of competitor estates and are available in a variety of resolutions (203, 305 & 600Dpi) for the most diverse industrial printing applications.

Portable Range


Our mobile printers come in handy when your jobs requires you to move around. In today’s fast moving world it is important to be able to react fast when and where needed. All our printers were designed to operate in the most diverse
working environments. They are robust and durable yet at the same time easy to use.

B-EX6T 6" Industrial Range

B-EX6T1 or B-EX6T3

The B-EX6, 6 inch industrial printer series has been designed with the performance and functionality to meet the most demanding environments, including automotive and GHS chemical labelling. With double the print head life expectancy and Toshiba’s unique ribbon save mode, the B-EX6 will ultimately reduce costs over the life of the printer.

B-852 8.5" Wide Web Printer

With powerful networking capabilities, the B-852 Advance, 8-inch wide web, low-cost printer delivers outstanding performance for a wide variety of environments and applications. This innovative industrial printer offers superior features including extremely fast processing, large internal memory, web printer controls and outstanding SNMP networking tools

B-SX8T 8" Wide Industrial Printer

The B-SX8, 8 inch industrial printer, provides superb reliability and performance at an incredibly low cost of ownership. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this powerful machine is suited to any high output application. Ideal for use in all heavy-duty industries including chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, textile, logistics, electronics & telecom.